Decision Support System (DSS)

DSS Integration

The Bridge Condition Decision Support System will include the ability to apply algorithms used to extract and combine relevant condition information from sensor data, compare current sensor data to historical data to establish trends, and make recommendations to ensure optimal bridge health using cost-effective maintenance and repair protocols. As part of an integrated bridge assessment, the DSS will be able to take advantage of historical data from existing systems. For our study area these are the Michigan Bridge Inspection System (MBIS) and Michigan Bridge Reporting System (MBRS).

Combining data from on-site sensors, in-situ sensors, and stand-off remote sensing using appropriate statistical algorithms, the DSS will integrate data to support and expand current bridge monitoring practices. The figure below shows how the sensors will feed into the DSS. We plan for users to be able to select particular bridges through a mapping interface, and then be able to query historical and newly sensed data, along with algorithm-based analysis results that support cost-effective bridge monitoring and maintenance. Understanding and reporting on the extent to which the DSS is producing useful and consistent measures that are timely and cost-effective for bridge assessment teams will be addressed by working closely with the input of our technical advisory committee.