MichiganView is a statewide consortium of academic, non-profit, and governmental member institutions. The basic mission of the program is to promote use and further the science of remote sensing technologies in Michigan. This mission is achieved through programs and services that emphasize education, training, and research.

MichiganView is a state member of the national AmericaView program. MichiganView was approved as an associate state member in February 2007, and a full member as of February 2009, with Michigan Tech University / MTRI as the lead organization.



The website for MichiganView is accessible at https://www.michiganview.org and includes sections on:

The website is implemented using wiki technology so that any registered user can contribute information to the website. Future plans for the website include:

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Nancy French, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Michael Battaglia

Current MichiganView Consortium Members

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Michigan Tech University (Lead Institution)

University of Michigan

Michigan State University

Western Michigan University

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