CRESTA: Consortium on Remote Sensing of Freight Flows in Congested Border Crossings and Work Zones

The objective of this project was to conduct empirical, site-specific studies that assisted in developing and validating methods that exploit remote sensing, geospatial information, and other advanced technologies for estimating and improving truck crossing times at international borders and in understanding and improving truck movements at and around work zones. Study locations included Blue Water & Ambassador Bridges (MI) and Nogales (AZ) border crossing. This was a joint project led by Dr. Mark McCord at The Ohio State University, and included MTRI, the Center for Automotive Research, the University of Arizona, and Skycomp Incorporated.

Follow on work has been ongoing between MTRI and Dr. McCord at The Ohio State University to increase understanding of border crossing timing using advanced statistical and visualization techniques.

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Colin Brooks
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Robert Shuchman, Ph.D.


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