Projects Areas


Michigan Tech Research Institute has several research projects that are related to environmental issues such as wetlands mitigation, carbon cycle, farming practices and climate change. These projects use multi-spectral satellite imagery to analyze study areas as well as in situ measurements. The types of satellite data that is used ranges from multi-spectral imagery in the visible part of the light spectrum (Landsat, MODIS and ASTER) to Synthetic Aperture RADAR (Radarsat, JERS and PALSAR).

Defense (National and Homeland Security)

Michigan Tech Research Institute currently has ongoing research projects in national security. These projects aim at research, development and practical application of sensors and information technology to help solve critical national security matters. MTRI uses Portable RADAR and Ground Penetrating RADAR systems to accomplish project tasks.


The transportation projects that MTRI are currently involved in use a combination of remote sensing and GIS techniques along with in situ field data to solve transportation issues. These projects are focused on border crossing delays, wetland mitigation for planning new freeways and taking inventory of road furniture. The types of remote sensing data that is used include RADAR, Landsat and aerial imagery.

Informatics/Biomedical Sensing

Biomedical signal processing and analysis is a point of impact for MTRI. Through collaboration with external medical domain expertise, our background in sensors, algorithms, and signal processing has been used to develop innovative approaches to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.


MTRI’s outreach activities are designed to provide educational programs, technical expertise, tools/data and information and make them available to the public and stakeholders to promote awareness and improve environmental management.