Spatial Analysis Lab

MTRI’s fully-equipped Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL) is a primary source of hardware and software resources for all geospatial projects. The SAL includes a full suite of GIS and remote sensing software, a large and scalable storage system, and large-format printing capabilities. GIS software includes ESRI’s ArcGIS, ArcPad, Spatial Analyst, and the Geostatistical Analyst; open source geospatial tools include QGIS, Geoserver, and PostGIS; remote sensing software includes ERDAS Imagine, ENVI with IDL, and Trimble eCognition; other relevant software includes Google Earth Professional and Trimble Pathfinder Office.

The SAL data storage system holds up to 63 terabytes of spatial data, and has a comprehensive collection of GIS layers for study areas including the Great Lakes region, boreal Canada, Russia, and Alaska. MTRI operates two web mapping servers, image streaming servers, a remote access GIS server, GPS-enabled cameras, field data collection tablets, six high-speed GIS workstations, multiple field GPS units, and three sub-meter capable Trimble GPS units.


ESRI Desktop ArcGIS

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