Team Members
Colin Brooks (PI) - Manager of Environmental Science Lab
Colin Brooks, manager of MTRI’s Environmental Science Lab, has 20 years of experience in applying remote sensing and GIS to a variety of critical issues. He has applied high-resolution remote sensing to solving transportation-related issues in four USDOT/OST-R research projects, and the study with Michigan DOT, including monitoring international bridge crossing times, mapping wetlands and hydrologic flow near transportation corridors, creating inventories of roadway assets, and applying remote sensing and photogrammetric techniques to bridge condition assessment. He has led the development of decision support tools for the US EPA, USDOT, and MDOT. He has a Master’s of Environmental Management degree from Duke University (1993) and a Bachelor of Science degree from Lenoir-Rhyne College (1992). He was appointed to TRB’s Information Systems and Technology (ABJ50) committee in 2010 and is now Co-Chair and lead organizer for the new Sensor Technologies Subcommittee. He has presented at five straight workshops on “Remote Sensing Applications for Transportation” helping former ABJ50 Chair Doug Couto organize them from 2008-2011.
Chris Roussi (Associate PI) - Senior Research Scientist
Mr. Roussi is a Senior Research Scientist in MTRI’s Sensor and Signal Processing Technologies Laboratory. Mr. Roussi has over 30 years of experience in signal and image processing applied to the exploitation of radar and optical remote sensing systems, His background includes algorithm and software development in biomedical, environmental, and military remote sensing applications. He has led research programs developing new measurement and signal processing techniques for a variety of remote sensing applications. He has also been involved in the design, implementation, deployment, and analysis of a variety of sensor systems, several of which are currently deployed on the Bering Glacier in Alaska, and the M.V. Ranger III, a ferry operated by the National Park Service.
Tim Colling (Associate PI) - Director, Center for Technology and Training
Dr. Colling joined the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI) in November of 2002, having spent the previous 9 years working as a consulting engineer for various firms in the Midwest. He currently works as the Director of the Center for Technology and Training (CTT) at Michigan Technological University. His research interests include pavement distress identification, asset management systems and traffic safety engineering. In this project, he will apply his expertise in these areas as well as take a primary role in ground truth comparison and the development of methods to utilize remote sensing data for “on-the-ground” management of unpaved roads. Dr. Colling has the distinction of being one of two primary instructors teaching distress identification for the State of Michigan’s annual public road condition survey. He has developed training materials for several professional development classes focusing on pavement management and asset management for technical staff and non-engineers within the State of Michigan. These classes have been presented over 50 times in the last three years to over 1,000 local agency staff and elected officials.
Joe Burns - Manager of Sensor and Signal Processing Lab
Dr. Burns is a Senior Research Scientist and manager of MTRI’s Sensor and Signal Processing Technologies Laboratory, which is developing new sensing and communications technologies for remote sensing, telematic, and biomedical applications. Dr. Burns has over 25 years of experience in the development, analysis and exploitation of microwave and optical remote sensing systems, and has extensive expertise in the areas of electromagnetic analysis, radar applications, simulation and measurements, and signal and image processing. He has led several research programs developing innovative measurement and signal processing techniques for remote sensing applications.
Joseph Garbarino - Research Engineer
Mr. Garbarino is a Research Engineer in MTRI’s Sensor and Signal Processing Technologies Laboratory. Mr. Garbarino has over 25 years of experience working with computers in all aspects, and applying those computers to scientific problems, with an emphasis on signal processing, sensor phenomenology, and image exploitation. Much of this work has been in the area of algorithm and GUI design and implementation. He has acted as both technical and program lead on multiple efforts. He has extensive operating system experience, particularly in Unix/Linux, and has acted as group leader for a computer and network support group.
Richard Dobson - Assistant Research Scientist
Richard Dobson is an Assistant Research Scientist at Michigan Tech Research Institute with nearly a decade of experience Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing analysis for environmental, transportation and geologic applications. Richard earned a BS (2007) in Earth Science and MS in Environmental Science in April 2013. Richard has demonstrated UAV capabilities at the ITS World Congress in Detroit (2014), crash scene reconstruction for SOCCIT (2014), and for local transportation in South Dakota. Presentations on UAV based projects have been given at TRB (2015 and 2014), ICUAS (2014) and at an ASPRS regional meeting (2013).
Valerie Lefler (Outreach Specialist) - President & CEO, Integrated Global Dimensions
Ms. Lefler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Global Dimensions (IGD). She has over 12 years of program management experience involving over $37 million in nationally recognized research, education, and technology transfer initiatives. Valerie has a Master’s of Public Administration Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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